As I said before in this article, today I’m introducing the graphic user interface of Client and Server programs.

First, I wanna tell you about the Server program. As you can see in the picture below, the server program has two most important features, they are creating a new file contain data to send to a client through named pipe or load an existed file from your local driver.  If you click the New button, the text editor to the left of the program will be available for you to enter some content. Similar to the server program with console interface, the content here is a list of numbers and each of them must be separated by a comma, a dot or a space. After

completed input data for the program, click OK. Now you will receive a message box, which will ask you to save the content to a particular location on the disk. If you choose Yes, so the Save file window appears, what next to do is so simple. If you choose No, the program will continue without saving data to file, it will use the data you have just entered to send to the client. The Load feature is more simple, just click on it, and then select an appropriate text file. To send data to client through named pipe, click Begin Waiting button. A prompt will appear to alert you that the program will be blocked until a client connection made. If you was ready, click OK.

So now, the client was able to receive data from server. To do this, run the Client program. As you can see in the picture below, the Connect button is used to connect to the named pipe server. And the check box below that button is to display the result before you save it to your local disk driver. If there was any server available, the result would be displayed immediately and in the Server window, you will receive a prompt that a client has connected to it. Now everything becomes so simple. If you want to save file to disk, click Save, otherwise click Exit.

Remember, both Client and Server will be blocked if there are no corresponding server or client created before you click connect or begin waiting.

Here is the download link of Server.exe and Client.exe. Thanks for viewing my article. Goodbye and see you later.